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This site is an outline of the netBase project, which can be summed up as follows.
The basic idea is to marry ecological ways of living with contemporary ways of working. New technology joined with awareness for nature is meant to encourage an ecologically and economically sustainable way of life. The foundation is an infrastructure, which consists on the one hand of modern (Internet) technology and on the other hand of a center in the midst of nature. Upon this platform people collaborate and communicate worldwide. They are connected via the net. In addition they have a geographical center, where they can stay together and, above all, they get in immediate touch with nature. At the same time the netBase center works as a platform and catalyst for local initiatives. People from the region can obtain computer skills and media competence. They get the chance to become an active part of the global culture and economy.
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Please send your feedback to The netBase project is in the initial phase.
Along with the development of the project this site will be updated. If you want to get informed about major updates, you can put here and to us.
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